Guidelines for online birth and marriage certificate registration from September 15, 2020


Regarding the regulation of Electronic civil status database and online civil status registration, the Government has issued Decree No. 87/2020/ND-CP.

According to Article 12 therein, applicant must access national and/or provincial public service portals to create an account and authenticate user as instructed.

Upon successful login, applicant shall provide information according to the given forms and attach photos or digital copies of documents as required; registration fee can be made by online payment or other available methods.

A completed submission is followed by the granting of 01 tracking number for application of administrative procedures to check application process or complete application if required by the civil status registration authority.

During that working day, upon the receipt of online civil status application, the competent authority of civil status registration shall examine the completeness of the application, and whether it is in consistence with the law, etc.

The civil status application will be accepted if it is complete and in consistence with the law, and applicant shall be immediately sent a Pick-up slip via email or SMS informing the pick-up date of application.

This Decree takes effect from September 15, 2020.


Click here to request for the full translation of Decree No. 87/2020/ND-CP on electronic civil status database and online civil status registration.

Justin Nguyen
Justin Nguyen
Project Coordinator

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