Professional interpreter and translator – The great aspiration of a ULIS’s student

Biên phiên dịch chuyên nghiệp – Khát vọng lớn của chàng trai ULIS

The interpreter needs to accumulate a large number or have a high level of proficiency and a broad understanding of both the language and the field in which he or she is engaged. That’s a challenge for all language learners, including students who have attended a University of Foreign Languages like Nhat Linh.

Nhat Linh is a young man who just graduated from university, he has no experience, his knowledge is not deep and life experience is considered zero, so, … Is there any chance for him to have a chance to reach his dream of becoming an interpreter and translator – Occupation is considered the brains of the international integration process?

An interpreter and translator - Occupation is considered the brains of the international integration process?
An interpreter and translator - Occupation is considered the brains of the international integration process?


Question 1:

  • Why did you choose University of Languages and International Studies (ULIS) as your starting line to conquer your dreams?


  • Actually, I’m not a regular student, or in other words, I didn’t take the entrance exam to ULIS from the beginning, but I got my main degree at the Faculty of Law – Hanoi National University, and I fell in love with ULIS with a nice dual degree in 2018. The key reason why I’m willing to be under pressure to get two university degrees is that my sister, she’s extremely good at English, is working in a high position in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. That’s why, admiration of my sister has pushed me to step foot into these two beautiful schools, both knowledgeable about Law and good at foreign languages, what could be better!

Question 2:

  • So, can you share about how studying at ULIS will help your dream becoming a Interpreter?


  • What I most proud when studying at ULIS is a broad understanding not only of the language, but also the culture and related professions such as tourism, economics and the history of the country that I study– What you cannot take in some exams like IELTS, TOIEC or similar. And of course, the predestined relationship with the teachers here opened up a new path for me, an internship introduction at AM Translation Company from the teacher who teaches Interpreting, of course I didn’t miss it.

Question 3:

  • Can you share your insights into the current world of professional translation as a graduate student?


  • As far as I know, translators are not only good at foreign language knowledge, but their mother tongue knowledge must also be very strong, so he can understand and translate every meaningful aspect of speech. In addition, interpreters must also have the nerve to be alert and quick to catch up with the speed of speaking, memorize the content and present it again in a limited amount of time. It can be said that in the world of languages, the profession of interpreter is the king of all professions. Get practice in a professional translation environment like AM Company, it will further strengthen my development direction, which is to become a interpreter.
  • In order to meet these strict requirements and this huge of knowledge, I am like a blank sheet of paper, I only know that in order to pursue a career as a interpreter or any other profession, I have to determine and laborious. The advancement in translation products is also important to improve quality and improve self-efficacy. Since, no one will need you if your translation is sketchy and anyone can do it easily, just a few steps of copying the text and transferring it to Google translate, which has both fast and free.
  • I know it’s possible to get rich from translation work, but to reach that level, it will definitely be very difficult and requires a long time of practice. Lastly, most importantly, I have a passion for the language and I’m slowly reaching it with the help of my forebears in AMVN.

Question 4:

  • Do you want to convey something to people with the same passion as you?


  • I’m sure that today’s sharing can also be carried away by the wind. But I have a life maxim that I want to send to today’s young people. Hope you remember it so that you can conquer the profession of Professional Interpreting in particular and have more motivation to continue in a difficult life:


Reporter – Thank you for sharing very useful information about yourself as well as your experience, we wish Nhat Linh will more and more successful and achieve the dream you have chosen.

Nguyen P. Nhat Linh
Nguyen P. Nhat Linh
Intern 2022

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